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Chapter 10: Rethinking Education in a Technological World

Where do we go from here?  Several ways of thinking need to change

  • Learning- now a society of life long learners
  • Motivation- what motivates our students to learn
  • What is important to learn- not rote memorization but HOW to learn and communicate
  • Careers- most people will have multiple careers throughout their lifetime
  • Transitions from learning and work-not just for college any more
  • Educational Leadership- collaborate with others to embrace new technologies

I love the way this chapter ended.  As educators in the Teacher Leader program, we are the leaders of the future.  Even if our interest areas are not technology, we must recognize the importance of integrating technology.


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Chapter 7: What May Be Lost and What May Be Gained

Once again, I found the most awesome FREE site to summarize my findings on this chapter.  This one will let students create trading cards on a topic.

Even when not attending school, I spend a great deal of time online through my hobby of photography. I absolutely agree with the authors that technology can lead to less interactions with our real life friends and family as online we find people with similar interests.  Through discussions with my EdS peers, I can see the digital divide clearly.  While my school district has adopted a 1:1 initiative with technology, some geographically close districts still struggle with connectivity because they are so remote.  Other districts do not have the funds.

This chapter was full of questions. I think as Teacher Leaders, we need to think of those questions and how we will lead the educational system in the future.

Check out my link with my card!  Look to the right for a link to the site.

Chapter 7


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Chapter 6: The Three Eras of Education

Three main areas of US education are the apprenticeship era, the universal-schooling era, and now the life-long learning era. We can compare these three eras looking at these components”

  • Responsibility
  • Expectations
  • Content
  • Pedagogy
  • Assessment
  • Location
  • Culture
  • Relationships

Each of these components of education have changed as our society changed.  The question is not whether the components were bad or good for any era.   We are now entering the life-long learning era because society is changing and the world is becoming more connected through the Internet.  Schools will change because we cannot stop change. Society will demand it.  I think we are living in the exact moment of change, and I believe we have a choice to make. Do we want to sit by and watch?  or Do we want to have a voice and help lead?




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Technology in Education

I guess you could see Technology in Education is almost a hobby of mine rather than just an interest.  In my spare time, I like to read about and look for ways to use different types of media in my classroom.  Even though it has been frustrating at times, I have been lucky enough to be the technology leader and coordinator for my school for a number of years.  I enjoy showing other teachers what they can do to motivate kids with all the great technologies.

I was so excited when I learned that Huntsville City Schools decided to implement a 1:1 technology plan for our schools and students.  I began researching and planning all types of ways the students would learn!  They were going to be so motivated.

Unfortunately, I have been rather discouraged this year.  Our technology implementation has only led to teachers using textbooks online and administrators being able to require more online, high-stakes testing in the name of accountability.   What I thought was a frustrating battle to get teachers to incorporate technology into the curriculum is now a faint cry in the distance as teachers scramble to improve test scores and struggle with students who are more technology savy than most. 

I am anxious to begin a discussion with my peers of EdS. students at the University of North Alabama.  As teacher leaders, we are looking for answers and understanding.  Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America by Allan Collins and Richard Halverson will help lead my discussion on the integration of technology into our schools.


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