What Does The Data Say?

I started this blog as a discussion post on technology integration into the classroom.  The more I wrote and discussed, the more I was convinced that I needed to Flip my 3rd grade classroom and put my words to action.  That was a little over three months ago, and I will never go back!  I truly believe that the time has come for teachers across the country to begin the process too.

But what does the data say????…….

Now this is not to imply in any way, shape, or form, that I conducted some sort of formal research.  I would just like to share some of the student data produced by my systems standardized test scores. 

According the data, from the Fall of 2012 until the Winter of 2012, my students showed an average SGP (Student Growth Percentile) of +53 in reading. That is pretty average.  93% of my class met district benchmarks.

Using the same standardized test, my students showed a larger SGP in reading from Winter 2012 to Spring 2013. Their SGP was +73, and 100% of my students met district benchmarks.  That is a pretty huge jump in numbers.  The only notable change in instruction was the use of technology to support the curriculum.

I know their will always be skeptics.  And I have seen growth and motivation that test scores will never show.  So for me, this is just another incentive to keep on keeping on!


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