Go Animate and Research

This week, I looked at the objectives we were to teach in reading.  Those objectives were using capital letters with proper nouns, finding main idea and summarizing, asking questions, and note taking.  The story was The Statue of Liberty.  I decided this was a great week for students to do online research on the symbols of the United States.

I started out by finding some kid friendly sites and adding those to our class Edmodo group so the kids could find the references easily.  Little did I know the system would have the sites open on Monday but blocked the rest of the week. So I also had to teach them how to do better online searches.

One of my students finished his work quickly and wrote a three paragraph report.  I asked him how he wanted to present his work on his blog.  He replied Go Animate! This link will take you there, and it is so worth the couple of minutes it will take for you to see.

I guarantee you the rest of my class is working hard to write their reports so they can create an animation too!  Click on the title of this blog and it will take you to the link!


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April 11, 2013 · 1:03 am

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