Chapter 7: What May Be Lost and What May Be Gained

Once again, I found the most awesome FREE site to summarize my findings on this chapter.  This one will let students create trading cards on a topic.

Even when not attending school, I spend a great deal of time online through my hobby of photography. I absolutely agree with the authors that technology can lead to less interactions with our real life friends and family as online we find people with similar interests.  Through discussions with my EdS peers, I can see the digital divide clearly.  While my school district has adopted a 1:1 initiative with technology, some geographically close districts still struggle with connectivity because they are so remote.  Other districts do not have the funds.

This chapter was full of questions. I think as Teacher Leaders, we need to think of those questions and how we will lead the educational system in the future.

Check out my link with my card!  Look to the right for a link to the site.

Chapter 7



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2 responses to “Chapter 7: What May Be Lost and What May Be Gained

  1. There are social issues that can arise from too much technology. Communication skills may suffer negatively due to isolation and less interaction with others. There needs to be a balance to ensure adequate development of the whole child. I can get wrapped up searching the web on my iPad and spend the entire evening staring at pictures on Pinterest. Boundaries need to be set in the home and at school where specific objectives are met.

    • I agree with you! There is one teacher who assigns students work on their laptops and sits up on his most of the day. We need to use technology as a tool to prepare our students for adulthood. I let my students work in groups and facilitate what they are doing. We need to teach them to be well-rounded.

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